Join our MPD Academy in Kenya as they receive the finest education both on and off the pitch


MPD Academies Kenya will offer the most talented footballers from the nation the opportunity to be placed on a pathway to develop their talent over the years ahead and paying students the chance to be educated to the highest level whilst also undertaking professional coaching to enhance their abilities surpassing any other project of its kind seen in Africa.

Here they will undertake a revolutionary sports programme being showcased to professional sporting academies, professional coaching and international tournaments whilst working towards the successful completion of universally recognised qualifications.

MPD Academies Launch In Kenya

Our Mission

MPD Academies intention is to nurture students along a structured pathway to success in both sport and education, allowing them to become cultured, independent and integrated individuals. We provide invaluable preparation for a seamless transition to their future goals.

Talent Search

Safaricom Next Generation

The greatest search to unearth Kenya's unfound talent “Safaricom Next Generation” has been achieved. After trials were held in 8 different locations with players travelling the length and breadth of Kenya to take part, thousands of hopefuls were whittled down to just seventy-five talented players to join the academy.

Training Camps

Scholarship Opportunities

There will be future opportunities to join the Kenyan academy through training camps and talent searches such as the Safaricom Next Generation talent search that caught the imagination of the nation. If you have an interest in joining the academy then please get in touch for information on the next events.