MPD Academies' focus is on long term development and attention to academic achievement


A long term approach of developing those players fortunate enough to join MPD Academies is being taken by the Academies’ seasoned senior management.

The desire to place each of the talented players we have within the soccer academy in the right place, in front of the right people at the right time will always be at the forefront of our thoughts as we develop long term opportunities for each academy player.

In looking to reward the talented young footballers of the nation by offering elite coaching and education scholarships for the most gifted players, we are undertaking a revolutionary approach.

MPD Academies

Our Mission

MPD Academies intention is to nurture students along a structured pathway to success in both sport and education, allowing them to become cultured, independent and integrated individuals. We provide invaluable preparation for a seamless transition to their future goals.

Education Programme

Academic Education

It is envisaged that the Education Programme will be fully integrated into the Coaching Programme to work effectively within the Multidisciplinary Approach. The education provision will need to allow for flexibility and provide support so that players can achieve their full potential both in and outside of the game.

Scholarship Sponsors

Sponsor Professional Dreams

The programme to offer "My Professional Dreams" (MPD) Academies Scholarships will be promoted and marketed on a national stage.

Sponsoring the 'Next Generation' of Kenyan athletes represents an excellent P.R opportunity.